Proud to be Highlands

Our students: the school’s raison d’être.

We have 13 graduating classes and more than 1,400 students currently studying at the school. We accompany our pupils in their growth throughout their school years.

We seek and work to:

  • To forge people of integrity.
  • That our students give the best of themselves.
  • That our students are happy.
  • That from their experience of God, they commit themselves to the world they have in their hands.

Our motto “SEMPER ALTIUS” is Latin for “always higher”. It expresses our aspiration to achieve, every day, the greatest integral development of our students. It is a lofty ideal, but it could not be otherwise, if parents entrust their children to us.

Pupils Colegio Privado Sevilla

Colegio privado en Sevilla, católico y bilingüe.