Lower Secondary Colegio Privado Sevilla

Our education model enables personalised learning, which fosters independence and underpins study habits and techniques.

We encourage the various interests and motivations shown by our students, accompanying them on their formative journey.

During this stage we continue with the international training project and our commitment to the Cambridge English Assessment Programme.

We also offer our students an extensive Vocational Guidance programme to accompany them in their search for their vocation, their Life Project.


As in the Primary stage, we offer the national curriculum complemented by the Cambridge curriculum.

We have a teaching team of excellent quality and in continuous training, dedicated and willing to make each pupil shine in their best version, not only in the academic area but also in the human and spiritual. We are proud to have among them highly qualified professionals with international experience, doctors and university professors.

Lower Secondary Colegio Privado Sevilla

Outstanding Students

Academic excellence is one of the fundamental pillars of our education model.

The learning experiences of our students guarantee scientific rigour and the optimal acquisition of linguistic and mathematical competencies.

We seek excellence in the academic field and throughout their formation. At this stage, our teenagers develop the essential intellectual, social and emotional skills to become responsible citizens.

To ensure optimal development by our excellent students, we have an extensive range of programmes and activities that include:

Preparation and application for competitions and scholarships

To encourage Academic Excellence, we prepare and present our students for numerous international, national and local competitions, such as:

  • American Dream
  • Becas Europa
  • Literary contests
  • Arcyta programme

Project-based learning

This is a primarily experiential way of teaching, as lessons are learned through doing and reflecting on what is done in contextualised and real practical situations.

Various types of projects are used in this method:

  • Research projects
  • PBL (Problem-based Learning)
  • Comprehension projects

Cooperative learning

This seeks to ensure the learning of concepts and the acquisition of social skills and abilities based on teamwork. Our students work together in order to maximise both their own learning and that of those around them.

We work on linguistic competence through our subjects and an enriched programme that consists of:

  • Reading sponsorship: Our 2nd year Lower Secondary students sponsor our 3rd year Pre-school students on order to awaken a passion for reading.
  • “Quiet, we’re reading” programme: a pioneering reading campaign in Seville in which each of our 1,441 students and the entire school faculty spend 15 minutes of each school day reading for fun and in Spanish, English or French.
  • Public speaking programmes: recital contests, debate, theatre performances, literary activities, etc. in Spanish, English and French.

Development of logical-mathematical competency

Scientific and mathematical skills form an important part of our curriculum, which is why we encourage the development of curiosity in discovering, learning and understanding through projects, laboratory experiences, participation in Science Fairs and external competitions.

  • Intermatia programme. A tool developed by specialists to work on mathematical competency based on a personalised study method.

Accompanied Students

Tutorial Action Plan

From the start of Primary, our tutors work with the guidance department to develop a programme throughout each school year until our pupils leave school that is focused on accompanying the pupil, guiding them on their learning journey and supporting their integral development. Specific strategies, active learning techniques and specific and adapted resources are included at this stage that enable our pupils to face the EvAU and the transition to their next stage in life: higher education at university.

Career Guidance Programme (from 3rd year Lower Secondary)

This programme seeks to accompany our students so they become aware of their own gifts, as well as the opportunities and needs in their environment, in order to give them the tools they need to start planning their future.  It is a process that extends throughout their school life but becomes more important between the 3rd year of Lower Secondary and the 2nd year of Upper Secondary, with accompaniment from their teachers being a key factor.

Christian life and spiritual formation

The formation we provide is focused on the quality and dignity of the individual based on Christian spirit, offering a series of activities, training concepts and voluntary spiritual attention that support and guide the student throughout their schooling.

Parenting school

At our school, we also seek to offer a training space for parents by organising conferences with renowned professionals and providing a meeting place for group reflection on the education work you undertake with your children.

Global Students

Language Learning

FCE preparation (B2). We are an official Cambridge exams preparation centre and organiser of the tests for receiving the PET (1st/2nd year Lower Secondary) and FCE (B2) (3rd/4th year Lower Secondary) qualifications

Second language, French. We are an Official DELF Exam Preparation Centre from level A2 to B2, obtaining excellent results year after year.

Every day at our school, students interact between one another and with members of the teaching, executive and pastoral staff at all the everyday and extraordinary events that we organise, always using English or French as the vehicular language.

Furthermore, we have various proprietary programmes in English to ensure fluidity in spoken language from our students, such as:

  • Public Speaking
  • Oratory
  • Poetry

Learning in Languages

i-Create Project: A proprietary subject that is taught throughout Lower and Upper Secondary. The goal is not only to increase the hours of exposure to and use of English but also to go beyond mere knowledge of the language in order to use it practically on projects and to further develop knowledge of the English culture and literature, developing public speaking and all other communication skills to perform in this language in everyday situations in the real world.

The following subjects are also taught in English at this stage:

  • Science Bits
  • Social Sciences
  • Music
  • Latin

International experiences at Highlands

International teaching staff and native conversation assistants

These highly qualified assistants not only accompany teachers in the classroom to complement and support their teaching work but also actively cooperate in the preparation of speaking exercises for students taking official Cambridge and DELF exams.

DUAL American Baccalaureate

Access is offered at the Secondary level to the Dual Baccalaureate that guarantees a C1 level of English and facilitates access to universities that, located in other countries, offer different programmes and education systems. The programme includes academic subjects such as American History, US Economics, English, etc.

International experiences overseas

European Youth Parliament programme (EYP)

Our students get involved with teams from another 30 European schools and debate topics of social interest in English, thereby further developing their linguistic skills and critical thought.

Overseas experiences

We foster the overseas experience of our students through our OAK International Academies in the USA, Ireland and Switzerland, which prioritise access by our students and enable them to enjoy a term, semester or full year abroad without losing their place at the school for when they return.

We also offer summer courses in which our students can take part to perfect their language skills. Similarly, the school has a programme for receiving foreign students from overseas.

Committed Students

Positive discipline

We are the only school in Europe with the Positive Discipline Seal of Quality issued by the American Positive Discipline Association.

We want our students to discover the reasons and values that lie behind our rules and not simply view them as the imposition of regulations, based on communication, love, understanding and empathy.

Virtues and Emotional Education Programme

We offer formation in willpower and emotions to ensure our students mature according to their age.

Education for love

During this very important period in our students’ lives, we accompany them on the discovery of true value and meaning in their body, affection and sexuality. We use a method taken from the “Let’s Learn to Love” programme backed by Francisco de Vitoria University.

Social Participation Programme

We want our students to live a life of commitment to social transformation. Therefore, they take part in social projects that foster social awareness and ensure they value the social, family and economic situation in which they live

Digital Students

A proprietary technology project “Truly Connected”

We are a benchmark school and we therefore incorporate technology into the academic training of our pupils. We do this gradually, progressively and in a manner adapted to the specific circumstances because we understand that technology offers the necessary enhancements to their intellectual relationship with the world and because it helps our pupils develop critical and creative thought, communicate fluently and expressively, tackle life with maturity and participate responsibly in society.

Colegio privado en Sevilla, católico y bilingüe.