International Formation Colegio Privado Sevilla

International Formation

100 DELF passers

7.77 Average mark in English in the PEvAU 2023

100 Passed Proficiency

We train students for a globalised world.

Our international model is designed to educate our students as responsible, active, well-informed and communicative members of the global community.

The learning of foreign languages is key to educating global citizens and competitive professionals, but it is not the only element of a solid international education.  That is why the internationalisation of our schools is based on four essential pillars:

  • Language learning
  • Language learning
  • International experiences within the school
  • International experiences abroad
International Formation Colegio Privado Sevilla

Language learning

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom“(Roger Bacon)

We train multilingual students. We have excellent specialists and a personalised language accreditation programme.

Highlands is accredited as an examination centre of the most prestigious and recognised organisation in the world: Cambridge English Assessment.

At the end of the Baccalaureate stage, our students reach a level C1/C2 in English and B1/B2 in French.

International Formation Colegio Privado Sevilla

Language learning

“One language sets you in a corridor for life; two languages open every door along the way” (Frank Smith)

In addition to being proficient in English, the CLIL (content language integrated learning) methodology enables our students to think, reason and learn in a foreign language through the content of other subjects in our curriculum such as: Coding, Science & Art.

Our secondary students can also choose to take the Dual American Baccalaureate; an innovative and quality programme that will allow our students to obtain the US High School Diploma at the same time as the Spanish curriculum, acquiring the best levels of competence that will differentiate them from the rest and will help them to face today’s globalised and highly competitive job market.

All aspects of our students’ education (positive discipline, emotional education, public speaking, projects) are taught in both English and Spanish.

International experiences within the school

Internationalisation is part of our school’s strategic plan; to this end, each year we expand the range of educational activities that support the international curriculum and language teaching, thus having a complete proposal with which to achieve our goal: global learners and leaders of positive action.

  • International teaching staff with international teaching experience and international qualifications
  • Debating competition
  • Public Speech
  • English Concerts / Theatre
  • Conversation assistant
  • Teacher training with experts in bilingual and international education.
  • American Baccalaureate Programme (optional)

International experiences abroad

“Pour bien aimer un pays il faut le manger, le boire et l’entendre chanter” (Michele Déon)

The school encourages and supports students who wish to have an experience abroad with a variety of options:

  • Our own Regnum Christi academies abroad: Oak Academies (USA, Ireland, Switzerland) where pupils have various options from a term, school year or “summer camp”. (
  • Oxford International Education Group (UK) – UK organiser of academic competitions and school-specific events to improve language, social skills, public speaking and self-reliance.
  • Participation in specific programmes such as the European Youth Parliament which allow our students to attend international events.
  • Inclusion of foreign students in our classrooms for varying lengths of time, encouraging exchange.
  • Support and monitoring of students who go abroad for a period of time, for their curricular adaptation on their return.

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