Higher Secondary Colegio Privado Sevilla

For our Upper Secondary students, we focus on genuine personal accompaniment of each one as a fundamental pillar.

For realising our education model based on academic excellence, Catholic and integral formation, bilingual education and pedagogical innovation.

We therefore offer a complete curriculum that covers the branches of Science, Humanities and Social Science.

We apply various programmes at this stage:

  • Study techniques
  • Experiential and interdisciplinary learning
  • Critical thought
  • Public speaking
  • International formation
  • Social Participation
  • Technology
Higher Secondary Colegio Privado Sevilla

Outstanding Students

Formación Intensiva

The academic excellence of our school is clearly reflected in the results obtained by our students year after year in their university access exams thanks to their effort and the work of our teaching and accompaniment teams.

University access exam grades:

  • 2020: 8.40
  • 2019: 8.03

Our proprietary mathematics programme guarantees good results from our students with an average social science mathematics exam grade of 9.09 in 2020.

Besides meticulous preparation for university access exams, we continue to provide overall formation to our students because, if we want our young people to transform the world, they need training in #entrepreneurship. 70% of our 2nd year Upper Secondary Social Science students who took part in the mini-company project organised by @FundacionJuniorAchievement obtained the ESP certificate (Entrepreneurial Skill Pass) 70% of our 2nd year Upper Secondary Social Science students who took part in the mini-company project organised by the Junior Achievement Foundation obtained the ESP certificate (Entrepreneurial Skill Pass).

This certificate – of recognised standing in the European business and university world – accredits the knowledge of business, economics and finance that students have gained during the course of the project

Higher Secondary Colegio Privado Sevilla

Accompanied Students

The personal accompaniment of each student at this crucial stage in their lives is given increased structure to ensure that each and every area of their development receives the attention it deserves. Highlands therefore offers a series of programmes over the two years of Upper Secondary education.  We have a great team of teaching, consecrated and career guidance staff to engage in the activities for each programme. Their sole mission is to ensure that each student feels supported, accompanied and achieves the best version of themselves.

Career Guidance Programme

The WE programme enables students in the 1st year of Upper secondary to discover the day-to-day workings of a company and gain real work experience, shadowing professionals in the sector in which they have shown an interest. The goal is for them to discover the value of work, a service mentality and teamwork, and for them to learn to accept job responsibility.

Virtues and Emotional Education Programme

Seeking formation in willpower and emotions to ensure our students mature according to their age.

Life in Christ and Catholic formation

Higher Secondary Colegio Privado Sevilla

Higher Secondary Colegio Privado Sevilla

Accompaniment for families

  • Activities for Ex-alumni and former families with the organisation of guided activities targeted at them specifically. The school has a specific member of staff to organise these activities.
  • Parenting school

Global Students


At this last stage of their time at our school, and after having worked on English and French from a young age, we focus on accrediting and certifying the highest levels of competency under the common European framework of reference for languages:

  • We are an official Cambridge exams preparation centre. Our students leave us with CAE (C1) and CPE (C2)
  • We are an Official DELF Exam Preparation Centre from level A2 to B2 and, over the last ten years, we have achieved a pass rate close to 100%.

International experiences at the school

An international faculty and highly qualified native conversation assistants who not only help teachers in the classrooms to complement and support their teaching work but also actively cooperate in the preparation of speaking exercises for students taking official exams.

  • They also take part in ordinary school life by interacting with the students at all the everyday and extraordinary events that we organise, always using English or French as the vehicular language.

We encourage our Upper Secondary students to take part in activities to practise, improve and demonstrate their linguistic skills so that they can feel safe and confident in their use of the English language in any situation after leaving Highlands:

  • European Youth Parlament (EYP)
  • Debating Competition
  • Public Speech
  • Oratory and Poetry

International curriculum

The 1st year of Upper Secondary is the school year in which those students who opted for a dual Baccalaureate experience will complete the American programme. After completing their national Baccalaureate, they will be able to have the two programmes officially recognised and apply to overseas universities using either one (Spanish or American).

Higher Secondary Colegio Privado SevillaHigher Secondary Colegio Privado Sevilla

Committed Students

Virtues and education for love programme

By preparing the willpower, affectivity and emotions of our students through these programmes, our goal is for them to mature according to their age. This maturity is reflected in skills such as being faithful to accepted responsibilities, knowing to read their own feelings and integrate them into other aspects of their life, taking cautious decisions, opening themselves up to others and giving themselves to others; in short, loving.

Social Participation Programme

We want our students to live a life of commitment to social transformation. Therefore, they take part in social projects that foster social awareness and ensure they value the social, family and economic situation in which they live.

In partnership with various supporting institutions in several fields, we have designed a Social Participation Programme that is maintained throughout all age groups at this stage of education. By getting involved in various activities with those institutions, our pupils discover the needs of others and learn how to respond in a committed and effective way to those needs while developing a stronger sense of charity and empathy towards the people around them.

Digital Students

Truly Connected

A proprietary technology project that incorporates technology in a gradual, progressive and adapted manner in order for it to reach our students through different channels (interactive digital Smart Boards, robotics and programming, Tablet-Assisted Learning, augmented reality, 3D printing, STEAM projects).

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