Guidance Colegio Privado Sevilla

1500 Family tutoring hours

79 Hours of training activities for parents

130 Teachers trained in positive discipline

Accompaniment is the “soul” of our educational model. Just you, but not you alone.

In the process of forming and developing to the human stature to which we are called, no one can be substituted, but we all need to be accompanied.

The milestones of this path of personal growth are synthesised in a motto:

Know yourself, Accept yourself and Overcome yourself


  • It is a path of encounters towards the fullness of the person, in which trainer and student mutually enrich each other.
  • It is to be committed to the student becoming to an excellent degree what he/she is called to be.
  • It is to establish a deep relationship of support, dialogue and communication.

Accompanying means accompanying students on their journey of growth, welcoming them with their talents and their difficulties, with absolute respect for their freedom and their rhythms, so that they can respond to the questions and challenges they encounter, discovering their own vocation and shaping their life project.

Our model of accompaniment is based on a holistic view of the student, discovering all his dimensions: ethical, spiritual, intellectual, affective, communicative, aesthetic, physical and social.

In order to help them grow in a complete, harmonious and fulfilling way, we offer them a wide range of activities and programmes that revolve around accompaniment.

We train in:

  • Self-knowledge and encounter with oneself
  • Harmony of character and integration of emotions
  • Conviction, autonomy and critical spirit
  • Relationship and encounter with others
  • The discovery of one’s own vocation
  • The configuration of a life project

The training itinerary followed by the students, accompanied by their trainers, is made up of different activities and programmes that aim to have a real impact on their lives:

  • Affective-sexual training – Let’s Learn to Love programme
  • Etiquette and good manners
  • Virtues programme: Joy, respect, obedience, forgiveness, order, responsibility, kindness, generosity, friendship, strength, humility, sincerity, gratitude and effort.
    Individual growth process: Know Yourself, Accept Yourself and Surpass Yourself
  • Mentoring programme
  • Entrepreneurship subjects and programmes
  • Individual and group tutorials and workshops with students, character development, emotional education, specific methodologies, assessment for learning, etc.
    Reinforcement and extension groups for students who need it. When we detect that a pupil has difficulties or high abilities, the Guidance Department together with the teacher study the teaching processes that may be most beneficial, either through the transformation of the teacher’s material (Internal Curricular Adaptation) or through complementary material; always with the aim of each pupil achieving the best version of him/herself.
  • Vocational Guidance Programme: This programme seeks to help the pupil to become aware of his or her own gifts together with the opportunities and needs of the environment and to give him or her the tools to be able to plan his or her future. It is a process that extends throughout their school life, but which takes on greater importance from 3rdESO to 2nd Bachillerato, with the accompaniment of their trainers being the key factor.
  • Tutorials with families, psycho-pedagogical counselling and the human formation team.
  • Accompanying families: We accompany each family in the integral formation of each of their children and for this reason, we go beyond the usual contact between families and the centre’s professionals to offer a Programme of Accompaniment for Parents from which we offer workshops: parents’ schools, workshops for married couples, etc.

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Guidance Colegio Privado Sevilla

Formation of will and emotions

We educate the heart, we educate to love

Formative discipline

Guidance Colegio Privado Sevilla

We are reason and heart, and this is formed with attitudes and habits that help us to live as whole people and to live together with others. Our educators work so that children and adolescents discover the values that give rise to the rules on a day-to-day basis, so that they act out of self-conviction and not by the mere imposition of a regulation. We believe in an education that respects the individual because it addresses the reason and will of the pupil.

To achieve this, more than one hundred members of our team have been trained in this field, thus achieving the seal of quality that recognises Highlands School Sevilla as the first school in Europe with Positive Displine Lab School in Infant, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate.

Virtues Programme and Education for Love Programme (“Let’s Learn to Love”)

By forming the will, affectivity and emotions of our students through these programmes, our goal is for them to grow in maturity in accordance with their age. A maturity that is manifested in abilities such as being faithful to the responsibilities assumed, knowing how to read their own feelings and integrate them with the other dimensions of their lives, making prudent decisions, opening up to others and giving themselves to them, that is, in short, loving.

Sports training

Physical activity and sporting competitions are a laboratory for practising and consolidating habits and virtues that are fundamental for life: teamwork, healthy competition, diligence, willpower, perseverance, courage, friendship, companionship, respect, self-improvement, happiness, etc.

In addition, we have optional extracurricular activities within the school timetable. All of them are aimed at providing the pupils with a comprehensive education, promoting the development of all their skills and reinforcing the concept of good use and enjoyment of free time.

Support for students who belong to High Performance, adapting their classes and timetables to facilitate their training.

Guidance Colegio Privado Sevilla

Sporting events in which students participate

  • Friendship Tournament
  • ECyD Cup
  • Spirit day
  • Race against hunger
  • Skiing
  • IMD Volleyball Tournaments
  • Tournaments Football 11 Real Federación Andaluza.
  • Sports tournaments with EMDE (Catholic schools).
  • Day of alternative sports and games

Consult all our sports activities, competition teams and extra-curricular activities.

Guidance Department

La misión del Departamento de Orientación Psicopedagógica es contribuir a hacer realidad el acompañamiento personal de cada alumno. Con este fin, los psicólogos y psicopedagogos que lo integran asesoran a los alumnos, al resto de formadores y a las familias para que, atendiendo a sus necesidades individuales, les ayuden a alcanzar la mejor versión de sí mismos. (Doc. Misión de los Colegios RC España, art. 124)

Guidance Colegio Privado Sevilla

Our psycho-pedagogical guidance department is made up of six professionals: two graduates in psychology, two others in pedagogy and speech therapy and two teachers dedicated exclusively to accompanying pupils who require support and reinforcement in their daily needs in order to keep up with the pace of the classes.

Personalised learning

  • Support and advice on the methodology of our school to prevent learning difficulties. Especially in the creation of materials and plans to improve the most important skills for learning: reading plan, spelling, written expression, reading comprehension, etc.
  • Detection of students who may have learning difficulties through classroom observation, group and individual tests, interviews, teacher training.
  • Development of individual educational support plans for pupils with or without Specific Educational Support Needs (SEN) but who need special support in their learning.
  • Monitoring of the educational support plans, evolution of our students and variation of the plans according to the needs. To carry out these actions we have three support teachers in the Infant and Primary stages.

Tutorial action plan

Coordination and elaboration of tutorial action plans for each course, developing essential competences such as:

  • Emotional education.
  • Social skills.
  • Prevention and intervention programme in possible cases of bullying.
  • Study habits.
  • Vocational guidance.
  • Workshops with external professionals who help us to address more specific issues: social networks, drug use/abuse, internet, video game addictions, cyberbullying, identity theft, etc.

*This is in line with the programme approach of the Asociación de Disciplina Positiva ( )

Psychopedagogical counselling for families

  • We provide support through individual tutorials with pupils and families.
  • Coordination, preparation and participation in the Parents’ School.
  • Communication and individualised monitoring in the case of pupils with specific difficulties.

Evaluation and monitoring of students

  • Assessment of new students entering the centre.
  • Application of institutional group tests.
  • Individual assessment of students when required.

Vocational Guidance Programme

The school offers students a Vocational Guidance Plan which begins in 3rd year of ESO and ends with the choice of a university degree in 2nd year of Bachillerato. Our activities include:

  • Group psycho-pedagogical tests.
  • Work Experience.
  • University week.
  • Round table with former students.
  • Professional workshops (with the support of many of our students’ parents) on employment and vocational sectors.

Guidance Colegio Privado Sevilla

Coordination with external teams

  • Recommendation by the Guidance Department to parents of external centres, according to the specific needs of each pupil.
  • Regular communication with these centres to coordinate the work being done with the pupil and thus obtain the best attention.

The Highlands student

Is characterised by 5 key traits for personal fulfilment, for university and professional success, and for exercising transformational and servant leadership as a result of the comprehensive training received.

Guidance Colegio Privado Sevilla

Colegio privado en Sevilla, católico y bilingüe.